Our 2018/2019 Directors

President - Michelle (Missy) McDonald

Vice President - Ruth Gladstone-Davies

Secretary/Treasurer - Sue Wood

Director - Shelly Gladstone

Director - Roberta Aiken

Director - Erika Stocker

Camp staff

The Swan Bay Rediscovery Program maintains a high student to participant ratio, with a minimum of three staff for every camp. The SBRP adheres to BC Camping Accreditation Standards and camp staff bring a variety of experience and hold all the necesasary certifications required to run a safe and fun camp. All our staff have a passion for Haida Culture and a love for the land and sea.


Danny Roberston, Program Manager
Danny is an adopted member of the K’aadas Ga Kiigawaay clan and was given the name Nangguulas Always Willing. He has two beautiful daughters with wife Nika Collison who are members of the K̲aayahl 'Laanaas clan. A founding member of the ‘Laanas Dagang.a Swan Bay Rediscovery Program, Danny returns to manage the program after a short hiatus and is passionate about providing a safe space for youth to learn Haida cultural skills, develop new life skills and have fun, new experiences outdoors in Haida Gwaii’s natural beauty.


Kanith Natasha (Tosh) Pearson, Administrator
Tosh is from the Skidegate Naa Saagaas X̲aaydaG̲aay Clan, her Nanaay Pearle gave her the Haida name Kanith, which was Pearle’s Haida name as well. Tosh ensures the smooth operation of the ‘Laanas Dagang.a Swan Bay Rediscovery Program office. She is here to help if you have any administrative questions, need help registering or have a query about the ‘Laanas Dagang.a Swan Bay Rediscovery Program.


Sgaas Sgwaansing Shyla Cross, Camp Leader
Shyla is from the Sgajuuga.ahl 'laanas clan and her Haida name is Sgaas Sgwaansing. Shyla is in her third season at ‘Laanas Dagang.a Swan Bay Rediscovery Program and brings her strong cultural knowledge along with a passion for working with youth in the outdoors.

Gulkihlgad Yakgujanaas 
, Assistant Camp Leader
Gulkihlgad is from K'wii Gandlas Yakgulaanas clan and this is her third season at ‘Laanas Dagang.a Swan Bay Rediscovery Program. Gulkhihlgad loves being outdoors, she has a wealth of cultural knowledge and is passionate about working with youth.


We are excited to welcome Cal back for the 2020 season!

Cal grew up int K'omoks territory on the east coast of Vancouver Islands. He has lived on Haida Gwaii for the past six years and lives and works on the north end of Haida Gwaii in Gaw. He is a teacher at Chief Mathews Sk'ada Nee and has worked at Swan Bay during three previous summers. He is passionate about the outdoors and education! More importantly Cal is passionate about fun. He brings extensive outdoor camp experience to our team and an in-depth knowledge of Gwaii Haanas' terrain as a Kayak and Swan Bay leader.


Guustlaas Trey Rorick, Jr. Camp Leader
Trey is from the Naa Saagaas X̲aaydaG̲aay Clan and his Haida name is Guustlaas. Trey has been a Cultural Guide at the Haida Heritage Centre at Kay Llnagaaay and will be bringing his cultural knowledge to ‘Laanas Dagang.a Swan Bay Rediscovery Program this summer.


Volker Young, Boat Operator
Volker is from the K'una KiiGawaay, he brings many years of experience captaining vessels around the coast of BC and Haida Gwaii. Volker is a skilled fisher and hunter having spent his entire life gathering wild foods around Haida Gwaii and the North Coast.